Thursday, March 8


Sun., 3/4: 2,600 words

Wed., 3/8: 3,200 words

CURRENT TOTAL: 10, 800 words

And that is why I haven't been blogging. I'm in the beginning phase of the novel, when it's all long writing marathons during which I physically can't stop writing. I like to push myself as far and fast as possible in the beginning, because I know that, about 10,000 words from now, I'll hit...

*cue scary music*


*Dum dum dum DUM...*

I've also been working with a new crit partner, exchanging about three chapters/week of our most recently completed novels. Once we're done with that, I'll get to work submitting mine. So, there's that to look forward to/dread with every fiber of my being.

I've got another marathon scheduled tonight, so I'm keeping this short. Just wanted to post about what I've been up to.

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If you don't feel that you are possibly on the edge of humiliating yourself, of losing control of the whole thing, then possibly what you are doing isn't very vital. If you don't feel like you are writing somewhat over your head, why do it? If you don't have some doubt of your authority to tell this story, then you are not trying to tell enough. --John Irving