Wednesday, July 4

Happy 4th!

Listening to: Rise Against, "Gesthemane"

Ah, Independence Day.

I come from a rather small town, as I've mentioned before. And in my town, the Fourth of July parade is a big freaking deal. Such a big deal, in fact, that chairs will start magically appearing on the sidewalk for days--sometimes a week--in advance. People are that eager to stake out their spot.

Lawn chairs, beach chairs, patio chairs. Tied to telephone poles, trees, and each other. Dotting the sidewalk on each side of the street, all along the parade route.

Every day, there are a few more chairs, until the night before the parade. By that point, you can't even walk down the sidewalk. The chairs have claimed the whole thing. I call that week prior to the actual parade "The Parade of the Chairs".

Yes, folks, this is what I come from.

Happy fourth!


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