Tuesday, August 7

Query Rewrite Update

Listening to: Goldfinger, "Too Many Nights"

Well, I rewrote the query, incorporating a bunch of suggestions. In fact, one of the comments in the original critique thread inspired a change in the novel itself. I realized that the "camp" the girls attend is leftover from the original concept, which changed a great deal as I wrote. In the current incarnation, the "camp" is much closer to a summer academy of sorts. I'll be changing the novel to reflect that, as I changed the query letter.

Amazing what happens when your work--or even a short summary of your work--is seen through others' eyes, huh?

On request, I'm posting a link to the newest version, up for critique at Absolute Write. Please, feel free to eviscerate me (over there, of course)! I need all the help I can get.

And while I'm being politely torn to shreds over there, I'm going to get some work done here in Real Life, despite this insane heat. If I haven't melted by tomorrow, I'll be back to update then.


  1. I hope my feedback (posted at AW) is helpful.

  2. It is, and thanks a bunch! I appreciate you taking the time to help =). Let me know if you need another pair of eyes for your query, when the time comes.


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