Monday, April 7

Partying like it's 1989

And here they are--pictures from my fabulous birthday weekend. Enjoy!

Birthday present from The Husband. I love presents that enhance and display my dorkiness.

What a tacky couple.

And this is hot. No one can tell me otherwise.

The 80s Prom Queen accepts your compliments. Now where's my tiara?

Marty McFly, Mullet Man and Punk Rocker Chick


Ashlee and Amber, lookin' all rad.

And more radicalness.

Straight out of 1985, Ashlee and Josh

It's hip to be square!

Rock on!

I have no idea!

Cute couple.

The Breakfast Club

Amber and Marcus, post-costume change.

Okay, she is strong.

The gang's all here!


  1. Looks like you had a great time! Your outfit was both adorable and sexy.

  2. Aww, thanks Tia! Yes, it was an incredible time.

  3. Wow, that looks SO FUN!!!

    And happy birthday!!!

  4. Thanks Erica! It was probably one of the most fun parties I've ever had.

  5. I like the party theme, even more all the willing friends you had to play dress up and attend.
    Thanks for sharing the photos.

    Did you keep the music to 80's only?

  6. You guys look great! great in fact..."when i think about you i touch myself.....!"

  7. ROFL, KC...way to bring up an awesome reference!

  8. And Lisa, yes, we kept it to only 80s music. Which meant I had three days of downloading songs and going, "OMG, I completely forgot about this song!", then dancing in my computer chair with sheer glee.

  9. Okay, I'll forgive you this time and blame it on the postman, but next time my invite better not get "lost in the mail"

    I cannot believe you had a rad 80's party and didn't invite me and Sam! Dude, what has this world come to!?


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