Tuesday, October 21

Catching Up

Haven't read GalleyCat in a while, so I found a few gems over there today.

Book Cover Mashup over at bookninja--hysterical.
Go ahead, judge a book by its cover--or at least, guess its Amazon ranking based on its cover.

Found yesterday:

This is old, but it's new to me--and gave me a laugh. How to Write a Book. My favorite step:

14. If you’ve worked hard three days in a row, take a hard-earned day off. And it looks like snow tomorrow, so you might as well take the whole weekend. But a day off from writing is not a day off from complaining!
Also a few months old, and maybe I posted it before, but I just found it in my email archives. It's funny enough to merit the risk of a double-post: Writing a Novel, a Love Story.

There. Take a break and enjoy yourself.

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If you don't feel that you are possibly on the edge of humiliating yourself, of losing control of the whole thing, then possibly what you are doing isn't very vital. If you don't feel like you are writing somewhat over your head, why do it? If you don't have some doubt of your authority to tell this story, then you are not trying to tell enough. --John Irving