Sunday, February 15

Grim Light Playlist

UPDATE to last post: I don't think you have to register with Rhapsody to listen to this list. I can't be 100% sure, but you may be able to listen via the link in the sidebar without registering OR signing in.

The playlist is available over in the sidebar, through Rhapsody. But if you can't get that to work or just wanna view the songs, here they are:

1. Middleman - Bright Eyes
2. Chasing The Sun - Alex Lloyd
3. Autoclave - The Mountain Goats
4. Bad Sun - The Bravery
5. Winter - Jason Webley
6. Thunder - Boys Like Girls
7. Get Lonely - The Mountain Goats
8. Blue In The Face - Alkaline Trio
9. Under The Ground - The Working Title
10. Other Side - Dispatch
11. I Must Belong Somewhere - Bright Eyes
12. Hopeless Case - Less Than Jake
13. Little Death - +44
14. Yellow Birds And Coal Mines - The Scene Aesthetic
15. Against the Night - Jason Webley
16. Dance With The Devil - Breaking Benjamin
17. Cemetery Lawn - The Rosebuds
18. Hold Hands And Fight - The Rosebuds
19. Slow West Vultures - The Mountain Goats
20. Your Neck - Alkaline Trio
21. This Is A Suitable Valedictory - The Scene Aesthetic
22. This Is Not The End - The Bravery
23. The Coroner's Gambit - The Mountain Goats
24. Hallelujah - Paramore


  1. I don't recognize any of the artist or song titles, what Genre is this?

  2. Most of it is billed as alternative, indie, or pop-punk. My musical tastes tend to lean toward the obscure, as I don't really listen to the radio at all. Give a few songs a try, you might like 'em! =)


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