Friday, November 13


Okay, so I know very few of you have read the most recent novel, FLAWED (the novel formerly known as THE PINK BANDANA GIRLS)--especially since it only just went out to my betas and CPs--but I'm gonna post the playlist here anyhow.

Why, you ask? Well, personally, I'm constantly on the lookout for new (to me) music. I rarely listen to the radio, because it just seems to be the same ten songs over and over. Even the Sirius-XM radio stations we get with our satellite dish can get repetitive.

So this playlist has a decently wide variety of music, most of it alternative but from different genres. This is the final, official playlist, whittled down from the fifty-odd songs on the original and arranged to follow the plot.

Here's the Rhapsody version, which is the full list. Supposedly you can get a Rhapsody account and listen to 25 free songs/month--but I can't for the life of me find the link for that.

And here's a version I made on via a playlist site, which is missing a few songs that weren't available. The bulk of it is there, though.

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Maybe give some songs a listen and see if there's something there you like--because there are few things better than opening your world to new music.

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  1. #24 is one of my favorite songs ever :)

    BTW: If you need a Beta reader, I'm slow but I'm free.


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