Wednesday, July 26

First post--wheeeee!

Finally starting a blog. Yeah, yeah, I know...I'm a little behind. Everyone and their brother and their brother's dog (dog's blog!) has one by now. What can I say, I'm a bit slow....

Anyhow, I guess I'll explain who I am, in case anyone is reading this and cares.

  • Writer, first and foremost.
  • Live in PA.
  • Wife to the most wonderful man in the world (yeah, yeah, I'm sure lots of women think that--but in my case, it's true).
  • Former tech writer...can you tell from the bulleted list? And former small-town journalist.
  • Attempting to become an ex-smoker, which is going great except for the cigarette in my hand right now...dammit. But I'm down to less than 7 a day, which is good.
  • Admitted country girl. Not that I like country music...just living out in the country. Which I only sort of do right now. I had cows wandering through my yard last week, so that seems country-ish...BUT there's a grocery store within .5 miles. And I can see my neighbor's houses (and HEAR my neighbors, grrr), so not as country as I would like. I want to live in the woods.
  • Classic film buff.
  • Star Wars and Kevin Smith geek.
  • Just a huge dork in general.
What will this blog focus on? Books I'm reading...movies I I like...novels I'm writing. I finished my first novel earlier this year, currently querying for it and working on my second. So, we may also have some industry links/commentary and news about the harrowing submission process. Random thoughts, definitely. I like talking to myself, and for a while this may fit the bill. I'm calling this blog Kristophrenia because, although I'd like to focus on publishing and my writing, I expect it to be rather random and crazy from time to time...just like me.

That's all for now. I've got a novel to write.

-Kristin B.

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If you don't feel that you are possibly on the edge of humiliating yourself, of losing control of the whole thing, then possibly what you are doing isn't very vital. If you don't feel like you are writing somewhat over your head, why do it? If you don't have some doubt of your authority to tell this story, then you are not trying to tell enough. --John Irving