Wednesday, July 26

Trying out this here picture thingy....

So I thought I'd try out the image-adding functions here. And show you some pretty pictures while we're at it!

Here's my rosebush, first's a Don Juan climber from Jackson & Perkins.

When I was a wee little bitty thing, I used to pore over their catalogues, which my mom got in the mail. Oddly enough, she never got any rosebushes back then, at least not that I can recall. Anyhow, I love 'em, and this one is right next to my porch steps. I'll be putting a trellis behind it as soon as it's big enough to train.

Hmm, what else? Oh, here's some cows:

Those would be the cows I referred to in my most recent post. Unfortunately, my camera didn't catch the most interesting aspect of the scene: the township police car (SUV, actually) herding them through my neighbors yard, into mine, into the next one, and down the road to their home.

Although I have to say that the best part of the WHOLE thing was, after their first appearance in the area, when they finished eating my neighbor's bush and several veggies, then wandered away, out of I figure the cops'll get 'em, at some point (another neighbor called the police), and head back inside.

So, about 20 minutes later, I'm on the phone in the dining room, and I hear, "Mooooooo"...look out the dining room window and oh! The cows are back! And practically right outside my window! That was when the cop turned into a cowboy (woo! He was like 1/3 of the Village People in ONE) and started herding them away.

Fun times.

Ok, so my verdict on the photo posting? Well, I'll make my final call when the post is published, but so far...meh. Pretty basic, which is good, because it's user-friendly. But no matter what I do, even if the cursor is right where I want the picture to be...Blogger puts it at the top, and I have to drag it down. So, maybe I'm doing something wrong, or maybe it's a basic flaw. I dunno, but it's free, so it works for me!

I''m out. Have a great night and watch out for dem cows...

-Kristin B.


  1. Dear God Kristin! What the hell happened here?! That is too funny!

  2. What can I say...I attract weirdness. It comes to me like a moth to a flame. Or, alternately, cows to grass. =D


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