Sunday, November 5

My Cat's Tongue

My cat is weird.

He likes to lick things. Not all things, mind you, but certain things. My hand. My legs when I get out of the shower. My feet when I get out of the shower. The shower.

He also enjoys licking a certain toy. When he does this, a loud raspy noise can be heard from two rooms away.

He licks tape. The sticky part.

He licks the strips you pull off self-adhesive envelopes when you go to seal them.

Most of the time, when he does these things, I'll give him a weird look and continue whatever I was doing. If the noise is really annoying, or if I think he's reached his Recommended Daily Allowance of glue, I'll make him stop.

Last night, however, he really got a weird look from me. We were sitting on the couch together--me on my laptop, him sleeping next to me--when I heard a strange noise. I looked over to find him licking the couch.

It's made of microsuede or something like that. There was a large wet spot directly in front of him, which he had created.

Like I said. He's weird.


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