Friday, June 1

....and DONE.

Listening to: Dispatch, "The General"


  • Query Letter: Done.
  • Long Synopsis: Done.
  • Short Synopsis: DONE! (I thought it was done on Wed., but I was wrong...I hadn't even started it. Oops.)
I am officially ready to query. All that's left to do is pick my first five agents from my Super Duper Agent Ranker Spreadsheet, personalize the letters to their specifications and preferences if possible, print out whatever they want sent, print out address labels...and off to the mailbox I go!

Does anyone have any rituals or superstitions about sending out those first query letters for a project? Just dropping them off at the mailbox and walking away (okay, being dragged away after I try to shove my hand back into the mailbox to retrieve my babies) seems so...simple. I mean, I do the same thing with bills and birthday cards. And yet this is my career, and my hopes and dreams and blah blah blah.

Even worse, though, is e-queries. Don't get me wrong, I love them for many reasons (speedier! less wastier! cheaper!), but it's just clicking a mouse button. Yet so much depends on it.

Ooh! Now I'm inspired.

so much depends

a gray mouse

glazed with flop

beside the blue coffee

Erm. My deepest apologies to William Carlos Williams., anyone have any rituals they'd like to share?

1 comment:

  1. Obsessively re-check the contents of the envelope again and again.

    Hand deliver it to the blue boxes at the post office.

    Ask my husband about the mail every day.

    (Sorry -- no time to put it to verse.)


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