Wednesday, February 13

And we're off...

Listening to: Bayside, "Masterpiece" the races. That's right, I sent my queries out a week earlier than I said I would. Ha! Tricked you.

Well, I sent two e-queries off into the unknown. The other three are going snail mail, and I was snowed in yesterday.

I have that familiar nervous feeling, but not as bad as usual. Yes, I'm eying the little gmail icon on my taskbar, but I forget about it for longer periods than I used to. And yes, I thought perhaps it was a bad sign when my very first query was returned undeliverable. It seemed to go through on the second try, though.

I will not be superstitious, though.* I absolutely refuse.

And now, off to the post office, then to work on other projects so I can get my mind off that stupid mail icon.

*Do you have any idea how hard it is to type "superstitious" with crossed fingers?


  1. Very exciting! Good Luck!

    Now, write something else!

  2. Good luck, Krisin! I'll be rooting for you over here. =oD

  3. Crud. I thought I typed Kristin. Sorry about my fat fingers today.

  4. Thanks Tia! And don't worry...I'm on it!

    Lol, that's okay, B.E....I've mistyped my own name more than once!


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