Friday, July 4


A couple things:

  • Tia joined the cool kids' club (yeah, that's right) and posted her Writer's Story. Read it here, and here.

  • Totally got to watch two F-18s land and then take off at work the other day. That was the excitement of my week.

  • I feel like, with the tech writing and my personal writing and trying to take care of the house and having a social life--I might lose my mind this summer. Which doesn't really affect you, because my blog posts will probably become only slightly more nonsensical. So, carry on.

  • Happy Fourth! Fireworks! Parades! Cookouts! Best yet, a day off!

    Now, I mentioned last year that I come from a town where the Fourth of July parade is highly, highly anticipated. Social event of the summer, you might say. Some might have thought I was exaggerating about the week-long Parade of Chairs that precedes the actual parade.

    Here ya go. See? I was not exaggerating. People really do that. And that was published yesterday, so the photo would've been taken Wednesday. The parade is today, but two days before, the sidewalks were littered with chairs.

    Is it any wonder I'm just...a So there you go, kids. A mystery explained.
Celebrate safely!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a great town. Jacksonville doesn't even have a 4th of July parade. They do put on a rather spectacular fireworks show, so I can't really complain.

    Maria Zannini is my only blog reader who wrote her writer story, but she had several readers who took off with the idea. Here are the links:

    Writer Story

    Hope you had a great fourth!


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