Thursday, December 6

Something to brighten your day...

With all the snow and ice and cold and general...whiteness around, I think we need some pictures from a sunny summer day in the woods. Also, I don't feel much like writing anything.

These pictures are from this particular adventure, and I found them again a few months ago while cleaning out my inbox. Apparently I had the foresight to email them to myself! Go me.

So enjoy, and just another five or six months, all this will return. Except the actual area where these pics were taken, of course--that's being logged straight to oblivion.

Minister Creek

This should be under the dictionary definition of "idyllic".

Ah, sunlight. How I miss you.

Makes me want to frolic.


Can't escape it, even in the middle of the woods.

Looking out at the forest.

And finally, a view from the top.

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  1. Wow. Those photos were so GREEN! I'll have to look up that creek on Google Earth. Great pictures!


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